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Our Society

Lab Consulting Partners Lab Consulting Partners offers a set of solutions adapted for all phases
of a project in containment engineering and biosafety.
Who we are ?

Lab Consulting Partners (LCP)
is focused on expertise and consulting
for the design of research laboratories
and animal facilities.

Lab Consulting Partners created on January 26, 2005 is a consulting and assistance company of projects management specializing in construction and restructuring facilities for research and health establishments and more particularly biological containment engineering.

The team's expertise allows Lab Consulting Partners to intervene in all project phases for the construction of a research building (animal facility and laboratories).

Lab Consulting Partners is a SARL with capital of 11,500.00 euros.

Our achievements
2023Project Management
  • BAC building – New Garches Ambroise Paré in Boulogne Billancourt. Research, hospital and teaching.
    Containment: L1, L2 and radiation protection. Microbiology laboratory, toxicology and forensic medicine laboratory, anatomy, cytology and pathology laboratory, samu/smur regulation, doctoral students.
    Surface: 7910 sqm
  •  National Museum of Natural History - MNHN Brunoy Campus.
    Microcebe primates research and teaching services.
    Containment: Conventional & A2/L2 – L1
    Surface: 3400 sqm
  •  Biotech bioproject - Rennes. Preclinical research from the development of original chemical molecules to the stages preceding clinical development.
    Containment: A1/L1 & L2.
    Surface: 6830 sqm )
  • ... 
2022Project Owner
  • University of Valrose Nice - Institute of Biology of Valrose (IBV), IBV ECOSEAS and ZEBRA exploration platform (A1 / L1)
  •  University of Brussels - the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM) Gosselie site, fundamental and applied research on rodents and Zebrafish (EOPS, conventional, A1/L1, A2/L2 & A3/L3)
  •  University of Brussels (Erasme site), fundamental and applied research on rodents (EOPS, A1/L1 & A2/L2)
  •  National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) Vendargues, controls of health products, market monitoring of chemical medicines and other health products, Biological and microbiological controls of health products (L1 and & L2)
  •  Néovacs - Paris, research and development Kinoid technological platform (EOPS, A1/L1 & A2/L2)
  •  Claude Bernard University - Lyon. Aqua experimentation platform Zebra (A1/L1)
  •  Lab To Field Dijon. Animal nutrition research platform (A1/L1)
  • ... 
2021Project Management
  • Pasteur Institute Lille: Animal Experimentation and High Technology Platform (PLETHA). Research on infectious pathogens.
    Containment: A1, L1, A2, L2 and A3, L3
    Surface: 1963 sqm
  • National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) in Tours, infectious disease research laboratories.
    Containment: A3 & L3
    Surface: 2100 sqm
  • Maison Alfort National Veterinary School (ENVA): Chauveau Building, research platform
    Containment: Conventional
    Surface: 4100 sqm
  • Maison Alfort National Veterinary School (ENVA): Nocard Building, Experimental exploration platform in veterinary medicine
    Containment: Conventiona
    Surface: 3200 sqm
  • ... 
2020Project Owner
  • Institut Pasteur Paris research platform Vector Diseases section (A2/L2 and A3/L3, EOPS, SOPF) Microscopy platform: Titan Kryos, Aquilos and Glacios in confinement 3
  • National School of Chemistry of Paris Analytical chemistry (ENSCP), organic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry, quantum chemistry, molecular modeling, chemical engineering and biochemistry Technological platforms: mass spectrometry, ICPM, etc.
  • Paris Diderot University Paris 7: Paris Diderot University Hospital Center Grand Paris Nord (CHUGPN) Medicine & Odontology research platform university hospital center (A1/L1, A2/L2 and A3/L2, EOPS, SOPF), technological platforms: mass spectrometry, ICPM, radiopharmacy, etc. ...
  • ...
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Projects carried out
Project Owner
Project Management
Years of expertise


Active service provider in the field of laboratory design and research animal facilities
Project Management
  • Set of solutions adapted for all phases of a project in containment engineering and biosafety (Study project, …)
  • Design the projects (Autocad)
  • Technical and regulatory expertise
  • Sélection et implantation des équipements
  • Estimation costs
Project Owner
  • Feasability study : legal, technical and financial constraints
  • Technical project programm
  • Facility design
  • Spatial organization and ergonomics studies of equipments and workstations
  • Costs estimation : building and equipments
  • Assistance in setting up operating procedures
  • Quality process support (AAALAC, GLP, …)
  • Technical audits of containment Designs BSL1 to BSL3
100% Complete expertise · 100%
90% Complete advise · 90%
75% Complete Study · 75%
95% Complete achievements · 95%
  • Facility Design
  • Clean Concept
  • Biosafety et isotechnie
  • Regulations of Biosafety Levels 1, 2, 3
  • Ex Ad Hoc Spécialist AAALAC consultant (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care Internationnal)
  • Assistance for project management
  • Construction assistance
  • Technical advice (equipment and technologies)
  • Optimization and organization study
  • Opportunity and feasibility study
  • Spatial studies of the layout of Functional Organisation analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Business plan (market study)
  • Pre program
  • Detailed technical program, assistance APS, APD
  • Quality Audits (internal, subcontractors and suppliers)
  • European Involvement

Project Owner & Project Management

  • Lab Consulting Partners provides public and private project owners with relevant advice and effective decision-making tools to implement their strategy and guarantee the success of their projects.


Witness to its time, sometimes visionary, Lab Consulting Partners designs with architects and design offices adapted buildings that meet regulatory compliance.

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